Drawing Workshops & Private Drawing Lessons in Austin, TX & the US


Drawing Workshops and Drawing Lessons offered by LZM Studio for individuals or groups include:

  • Private  Drawing Lessons, Drawing Classes, Drawing Workshops:  Learn essential drawing basics in a short 15 hours and then get continued support while you master drawing realistically.
  • Drawing Workshops for Meditation and Mindfulness: Use classical drawing techniques to gain easy access to a state of mindfulness. Drawing on Mindfulness lessons and workshops can be conducted at my studio, your corporation, spa, resort or meditation community.
  • Drawing Workshops for Corporate Training: Drawing workshops for businesses who are seeking a way to teach employees to relax, be creative, anticipate communication gaps or problem solve more effectively.
  • Portfolio Preparation for applications to Fine Art High Schools, Colleges and Universities: Whether you’re applying to a specialty Fine Art high school, college, university or a degree in Architecture, Industrial Design or Graphic Design, you’ll have to submit a visual portfolio. I can help you edit your previous work, create a new body of work for submission, or help you complete projects suggested by the schools you are applying to. This process is best begun 1 year or more before the application due date, but I can help even if you’re starting late!

You really can learn how to draw! 

you can draw, drawing lessons in Austin, Texas

It is a lot easier than you might think to learn how to draw and permanently banish those stick figures! Teaching drawing and fine arts is really about teaching people to see their world in a new way.  I work with people age 5 to 85 to give them new access to seeing, processing, recording and communicating about their life experiences visually. Learning to draw is often a life long dream, and the fun thing is most people can draw quite realistically with quality instruction. Not only am I thrilled to get to help people go beyond those basic stick figure drawings, I truly believe that having a creative outlet and means to express your experience of the world is invaluable for each and every one of us!

For both kids and adults, learning how to draw can: bridge communication gaps;  build creative problem solving skills; enable you to be more present and observant in your daily life; enhance small and gross motor skills;  foster your ability to sequence, organize and plan; and develop parts of your brain that will enable you to think more like a visionary, than a worker bee.   The process of learning to draw and figuring out how to express yourself artistically can be incredibly amazing! I’m just lucky that I get to witness it daily in my students.

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