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Special Guest Models!

Last week, I had some very special guests modeling in the studio for a private lesson: Ellie and Pica!

Drawing from observation is important!

My youngest student, Rio, brought her buddies to her lesson so we could draw while observing them. Drawing from photographs is an ok alternative, but it really helps to draw from three dimensional models. When looking at something 3D, you can see subtleties that you can’t see in a photograph, you can change the lighting and it is easier to achieve a more realistic sense of the volume of the object. Rio is 6, so we are still working on getting accurate outlines drawn, rather than working on volume and shading. However, you can see Rio’s drawing up at the top Left corner of the page below, when I asked her to draw one of the dogs on her own. This drawing looks like a symbol of a dog, rather than her dogs. Then when I asked Rio to draw while looking at her dogs, and watching the steps that I took to draw her dogs, you can see her larger drawing of a dog- that really looks like a chihuahua! Rio is awfully advanced for a 6 year old- this is actually something that I would typically expect from an 8 year old. She has a great ability to watch me draw and make the same shapes that I make, without any help from me in guiding her pencil. This is what drawing from observation can do, at such a young age!

Rio's Drawing of Ellie
Rio’s Drawing of Ellie