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Enough with the digital photographs, try drawing!

I often explain to my students that drawing became a less common skill because of the invention of the photograph. In fact when you look at the broad history of art, many of our wackiest art movements began after the invention of photography because it freed artists up to stop trying to represent reality, and create something never before seen.

Here is a short article worth considering: what if you stopped collecting digital photos (I know I feel burdened by the number of photographs I have, in fact I just hired an intern to deal with them for me!) and instead paused to DRAW a place you visited? You don’t have to draw well to connect well with the spirit of a place.

I couldn’t have said it better than John Ruskin when he said ‘A man is born an artist as a hippopotamus is born a hippopotamus; and you can no more make yourself one than you can make yourself a giraffe.’ Read more about his thoughts about drawing in this article in the Philophers’ Mail. Put down your phone and pick up a pencil? Stay tuned another reason you might want to switch back from gadgets to the old fashioned pencil and paper….