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In Honor of Veterans Day, LZM Studio and Small Victories Foundation offer drawing lessons for Veterans


In honor of Veterans Day, I am reposting this in hopes of finding more Veterans who can take advantage of this wonderful scholarship opportunity! Please share this with loved ones and friends who are Veterans and thank them for their service today! small victories logoI am very honored to announce my partnership with Small Victories, in offering drawing lessons for students who are recovering and adapting to traumatic brain injuries. Cindy Wright, the Vice President of Small Victories contacted me a few months ago, to invite me to participate. Cindy’s personal story is profound, yet she has a truly positive outlook – her Small Victories cofounder is her husband, Derrick Wright, who had a traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq in 2007. After the ICU, inpatient rehab and outpatient therapy- Derrick still had work to do in his recovery and new purpose to find to adapt to his new body. Creating artwork gave him a place to feel productive, challenged, in community and able to create attainable achievements. Cindy and Derrick founded Small Victories to enable others to do the same for themselves. I am thrilled to be able to work with their clients, and I look forward to sharing some of their journeys here. In case you want to learn more, here is a little video they put together, where you can see the progress Derrick made over time. I hope you’ll consider donating to their organization, so others can receive the same sense of purpose in creating their own artwork, and challenging their minds to heal from injury. You can also find out more with this link to the scholarship page on LZM Studio