Austin Summer Camps for Your Creative Kiddo

The Contemporary Art School Summer Camps

In Under the Sea summer camp, we made Socktopus toys!

Parents of the kids I work with are often asking me about Austin summer camps that I recommend. It takes so much education to supplement what schools are providing, and parents wish to create a well balanced human being. These are places in Austin I recommend for adding some soul to your kids’ summers. Here is my list of favorites – selected either because of what I think they might contribute to round out a full world view or from the awesome buzz I hear from clients who have attended the camps. I’ll edit this list each year as enrollment times roll around.

Coming soon, LZM Studio will be offering our very own Austin Summer Camp: a cartooning class/camp with an expert Illustrator who will help your kids create a character and develop it, draw it from different angles and pop them into your very own story. We’ll keep you updated as this develops, because we just can’t wait!

Until then, here are the very best of Austin summer camps that I know of!

Art Summer Camps to Supplement Your Drawing Lessons:

No better way to investigate what your kid is retaining from their drawing lessons with LZM Studio, than to test out those skills in another environment. There are so many great art camps available. Try some of these locations.

The Contemporary Austin Art School

Tons of clay, computers, painting, drawing for all ages. These classes do fill up fast!

Smudge Studios

Right around the corner from LZM Studio! Easy to attend your drawing lesson right after your camp wraps up for a whole day of art learning.

Dougherty Art School

City run art camps and easily jump into Zilker right after camp.


For the Entrepreneurial, Independent Thinker:


Paper making and fairy house building – a place for your kid to find a friend as smart and quirky as they are!

Austin Tinkering School

Power tools, forts and independent ideas? Sign me up!

Moolah U

Create a business and keep the profits, within a 5 day camp!


For the Film Buff:

Austin Film Society

Turn the littlest film critic into a film maker in their own right!


For the Budding Video Game Designer:

Minecraft Coding Camps

Why play video games when you can learn to build them?


For the Bookworm/Adventurist:

Camp Half Blood

My students adore this camp, so it is no wonder that enrollment is usually filled immediately.


For Building Gross Motor Skills to Complement the Fine Motor Skills of Drawing:

Austin Bouldering Project

You might just run into me here after I’m done teaching for the day!

The Little Yoga House

Yoga is a wonderful complementary practice to drawing, and these camps for littles sound like a sweet combo of full body movement, nature and crafts.


Because You Can’t Neglect Your Brain All Summer Long:

Math For Keeps

So you might as well replenish your math skills while dancing with Lacie!


Austin summer camps can provide so much fun, learning, stretching and breaks from the incessant heat and grind of school. I hope some of these choices will be favorites you return to again and again.