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adults drawing

Resmaa Menakem, Somatic Therapist

On Being and Making Artwork

The conversation about race and trauma in America at this moment (and for four hundred years) is extremely relevant to art students and art teachers. This episode of On Being with Krista Tippet informs much of what I have had to confront to make artwork

The Energy Of Drawing

Tis the season where the temps go low and the energy goes high. More to-do-lists, more weather delays, more sugar, more together time, more, more, more! The energy can just get to be too much. There is a joy to the season for many things,

Xacto Bulldog Vacuum Mount Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

This art supply giveaway contest runs October 17 – October 23, 6pm CST 2019. The winner will be announced October 24th by video on LZM Studio’s Youtube Channel! To enter the Xacto Bulldog Vacuum Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener Giveaway: Enter your name and email in the form

Ophelia, Colored Pencil, 2017 by student of LZM Studio, Phoebe

Why take drawing lessons?

Why take drawing lessons? You used to love drawing. Then something happened: They told you, you couldn’t draw well. You couldn’t figure out how to make it look “right”. They told you, you didn’t have “the eye” for it. When you were young, they said,

Recommended Gift Art Supplies for the Budding Artist

Here are some great gift ideas for the art lover in your life – just as the holiday season approaches. I posted something similar a couple of seasons ago, but this updated list includes new finds and changes due to suppliers and technology. These are

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice Dear Adults: I know we’ve been trained to believe our gray matter is our greatest asset: that our high caliber brain will lead to fame, fortune and the success we aim to achieve. Or at the very least, we

Art Supplies for the Budding Artist

Still looking for holiday presents for your favorite budding artist? These are the essential drawing art supplies I can’t live without! Many of these are on my newly updated Recommended Supplies list, however, some of these are not because they go beyond my basic supplies

LZM Studio student, Bern's work in process drawing of his dog

Building Patience: Quality Drawings Take Time

Building Patience: Quality Drawings Take Time Part of my work with my clients is convincing them it is expected, necessary and acceptable to take many hours to create artwork. Quality drawings take time. An artist is nothing without building patience. It is not generally going to be

Hey, Tomato!

Hey there, Tomato!   It has been toooo loooong since I’ve blogged for y’all. Check back soon, because I’ve got new images of students’ drawings and my artwork, tips about learning to draw, new workshops, COMING SOON online and skype lessons (whoohoo! it has been quite