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Private Lesson Student Welcome Packet

Welcome to LZM Studio Private Lessons

Please go through the following paperwork a week prior to your first lesson. This information helps you to understand what supplies you’ll need to bring to lessons, how I schedule & handle cancellations for lessons. The new client contact form helps me to stay in touch with you and informs me how to best approach your learning needs.

LZM Studio New Client Contact Form

Please fill this out so I am able to contact you regarding your lessons & know of any special learning needs you may have. You may opt in to receive my periodic newsletter (maximum 1-2 times per month, but that is rare, it is typically a couple times a year). 

LZM Studio Policies

Please read, ask any questions you may have prior to our first lesson. Any special requests for different policies must be agreed to in writing prior to the start of lessons. I will ask you to sign this at your first lesson.

Download LZM Studio Policies


LZM Studio Release Form

Please print & fill out prior to our first lesson or plan to spend a few minutes at our 1st lesson on this form. This form releases LZM Studio from accident/injury during lessons; acknowledges my policy on early drop off/late pick up of minors; lets me know if I can take photos of you/your artwork to share in marketing materials; confirms your agreement that you will not use LZM Studio teaching content for sale without my agreement.

Download LZM Studio Release Form


LZM Studio Credit Card Form

Please print & fill out prior to our first lesson or plan to spend a few minutes at our 1st lesson on this form. I send a monthly invoice on the 15th of the month for the upcoming month. You may opt to have me charge your card on a monthly basis (after I’ve sent your invoice for the upcoming month) to avoid late fees. If you wish to pay by cash/check for my cash discount, you may do so, but I require that you keep a credit card on file for me to charge if you neglect to confirm or cancel your scheduled lessons for the upcoming month by the 22nd of the month or neglect to pay by the 1st of the month for lessons you have not cancelled.

Download LZM Studio Credit Card Form


LZM Studio Art Supplies for Private Lessons

You will need these ART SUPPLIES each week for private lessons at the studio. I am happy to provide supplies on the occasions you forget them, but please make a habit of bringing your supplies each week.


LZM Studio Phone, Location & Waiting Room

Get Laurie’s Phone #, Directions & waiting room info here!

*Reminder* Early Drop Off/Late Pickup of Children:

Minors under the age of 16 MUST legally be attended by an adult at all times. Please walk your children inside to and from their lessons. The parking lot in the back has blind corners and fast moving cars. The office building houses many businesses and unknown pedestrians are in and out of the building all day. Please understand this is for the safety of your child and the legal sustainability of my service to you. I’ve seen a 4 foot long rat snake in the courtyard at 3:30pm, as well as a homeless man with a head injury in the courtyard. I do not wish for your kids to encounter this alone. Welcome to the Austin urban jungle!

Early drop off and late pick up will be charged to you after the first 5 minutes, at the rate of $1 a minute. The balance will be added to your next month’s billing cycle and will be expected to be paid in full by the first of the month or a $30 late fee will apply.