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Recommended Drawing Supplies

You will need quality art supplies for each private drawing lesson with LZM Studio instructors. We don’t provide art supply packets or replacement art supplies for private drawing lesson students, however we can plan for & purchase art supplies for your group drawing workshop if preferred. Here are lists of drawing supplies you’ll need for private drawing lessons and our online video curriculum, with sources for buying the items both online and local to Austin, Texas, US.

Required Art Supply List for Private In-Person Lessons:

  • Strathmore Sketch Paper Pad, minimum size 14 x 17 inches,
    • Smaller children can use the 11in x 14in size, as it it easier for them to carry.
    • I prefer the recycled/windpower  paper to minimize our impact on the environment – we will use a lot of paper!
    • I recommend getting the pads labelled “Sketch” over the “Drawing” pads because the paper is thinner, and you can get 60-100 pages for about the same price as 20-30 pages.
  • Variety of Graphite Artists Pencils, many brands are available. Buy at least five different hardnesses so that you can learn how to use them in different situations. 1 of each: 8B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H for example, or buy a pre-packaged set that includes a range of hardnesses.
    • Pencil brands I do recommend: Tombow Mono Homo, Mitsubishi Hi-Uni,  Faber-Castell (Goldfaber or 9000), Caran d’Ache, Derwent, Staedtler Mars Lumograph
    • Pencil brands I don’t recommend: Raffine, General, Blick, Prismacolor (Premier Turquoise, Sanford Design Graphite Pencils), Cretacolor, The Fine Touch, any brand of woodless pencils (only because they break easily), Pacific Arc, Koh-I-Noor, Pro-Art, regular pencils from an office supply or grocery store, yellow pencils with the eraser top.
      • pencils from Michael’s & Hobby Lobby are typically inexpensive brands that are significantly lesser quality. You really do get what you pay for and the cheap pencils will be frustrating to use.
  • 1 small 6 inch ruler (clear plastic rulers are easier to use).
  • 1 Kneaded “Gummy” Eraser.
    • Brands I like are Lyra & Faber-Castell.
    • For about a year now the Design & Prismacolor brands have often been too hard to knead.
  • 1 General’s Factis BM2 Eraser stick and eraser refill
    • These used to be the Papermate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick, but are now being produced by a different manufacturer.
    • *Note* Don’t buy this for more than $6 online, as you will see some for sale for $15-30 each. This was from when the manufacturing was stopped & people took advantage by increasing the price.
  • 1 Tombow MonoZero Round 2.3mm Eraser and eraser refill
    • this is best for adults, or kids ages 11 and up.
  • 1-2 Pencil Extenders
    • buy the kind with a wooden/metal handle
    • the metal kind by Derwent don’t work well
  • Pencil Case of your choice

Supplies for Practice at Home (optional):

You might want these supplies for your home practice, but I provide them in the studio during lessons.

  • A long ruler, at least 24 inches long
  • Pencil Sharpener
    • I prefer the X-Acto Bulldog Vacuum Mount sharpener that suctions onto a table top. It sharpens pencils to a fine point & las
  • KUM Long Point travel pencil sharpener with replacement blades
    • for sharpening on the go or while traveling
  • Drawing Dusting Brush for removing eraser crumbs from your drawings without smearing the graphite.

Local Austin, TX Suppliers

Jerry’s Artarama : Jerry’s has good prices, but their stock is often not replenished, so it is hit and miss if you can get these supplies there.

Asel Art Supply : Local small shop with helpful folks.

University Coop: Parking is a challenge, but this is another local option.

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are conveniently located, and a good place to go for drawing paper, but they often have very cheap graphite pencils that are of poor quality. You want to pay the extra few dollars for the higher quality brand pencils, because the cheap ones will break more, sharpen poorly and do not have a nice quality for shading.

Online Retailers

You’ll often find better prices online, and if you plan ahead, it is worth the small fee in shipping. is a client favorite. Occasionally, supplies are more expensive on Amazon. It doesn’t hurt to cross-check costs on multiple sites.

Utrecht : reliable, good products and their own brand of things so often less expensive

Dick Blick : also reliable, good products and they have fun project ideas if you want to get creative on your own

Cheap Joe’s : I’ve never ordered from them, but their prices are good and lots of my students use them