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Ophelia, Colored Pencil, 2017 by student of LZM Studio, Phoebe

Why take drawing lessons?

Why take drawing lessons? You used to love drawing. Then something happened: They told you, you couldn’t draw well. You couldn’t figure out how to make it look “right”. They told you, you didn’t have “the eye” for it. When you were young, they said, “Better stick to writing/basketball/math” or

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice Dear Adults: I know we’ve been trained to believe our gray matter is our greatest asset: that our high caliber brain will lead to fame, fortune and the success we aim to achieve. Or at the very least, we will continue to stay alive,

LZM Studio student, Bern's work in process drawing of his dog

Building Patience: Quality Drawings Take Time

Building Patience: Quality Drawings Take Time Part of my work with my clients is convincing them it is expected, necessary and acceptable to take many hours to create artwork. Quality drawings take time. An artist is nothing without building patience. It is not generally going to be instant gratification. We live in

Small Victories: Drawing to Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries

I am very honored to announce my partnership with Small Victories, in offering drawing lessons for students who are recovering and adapting to traumatic brain injuries. Cindy Wright, the Vice President of Small Victories contacted me a few months ago, to invite me to participate. Cindy’s personal story is profound,

Making Art Is Good For Your Brain

This just in: Making art is good for your brain! I’ve known this intuitively for a looooong time. But now the scientists are proving it. I see this all the time with my students, whether they are youngsters, oldsters or in betweensters. Some of it can probably be chalked up

Enough with the digital photographs, try drawing!

I often explain to my students that drawing became a less common skill because of the invention of the photograph. In fact when you look at the broad history of art, many of our wackiest art movements began after the invention of photography because it freed artists up to stop

Can your kid draw on demand? Why, yes!

One of the things I explain to the parents of children who are taking drawing lessons is that it might take time for their children to integrate what I am teaching them into their own free drawing time. Generally, my rule of thumb is that kids under 10 years old

“Nicer than nice!”

After my summer two week hiatus, I’m back in the studio today. I had some lessons with regular clients, and then had an hour session with two 5 year old cutie-pies who are just meeting with me 1 hour a day for this week, for a mini drawing “camp”. The