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Tag: drawing & your brain

Student In the Spotlight: Avery

This is my favorite new section of my blog to write, as I have great student results to share with you over the years I have been teaching private lessons. Each Student in the Spotlight post will detail a student’s learning and results in the studio with me. Let’s start

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice

Overthinking Could Suffocate Your Drawing Practice Dear Adults: I know we’ve been trained to believe our gray matter is our greatest asset: that our high caliber brain will lead to fame, fortune and the success we aim to achieve. Or at the very least, we will continue to stay alive,

Making Art Is Good For Your Brain

This just in: Making art is good for your brain! I’ve known this intuitively for a looooong time. But now the scientists are proving it. I see this all the time with my students, whether they are youngsters, oldsters or in betweensters. Some of it can probably be chalked up

Increased Neural Matter? Yes, please!

I often tell my private lesson students that learning to draw exercises parts of the brain that are sometimes less developed in our culture, but that are helpful for both kids in school and adults in the workplace. Science is starting to show proof of this, which I find to