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Tag: how to draw

The Energy Of Drawing

Tis the season where the temps go low and the energy goes high. More to-do-lists, more weather delays, more sugar, more together time, more, more, more! The energy can just get to be too much. There is a joy to the season for many things, but sometimes it starts to

Student In the Spotlight: Avery

This is my favorite new section of my blog to write, as I have great student results to share with you over the years I have been teaching private lessons. Each Student in the Spotlight post will detail a student’s learning and results in the studio with me. Let’s start

Wescott Dusting Brush Giveaway!

This contest runs June 13 through June 19, 6pm CST 2019. The winner will be announced June 20 by video on LZM Studio’s Youtube Channel! We had a technical problem last week, so we are re-running this giveaway starting June 13th, 2019. Please enter again, in case your entry was

Ophelia, Colored Pencil, 2017 by student of LZM Studio, Phoebe

Why take drawing lessons?

Why take drawing lessons? You used to love drawing. Then something happened: They told you, you couldn’t draw well. You couldn’t figure out how to make it look “right”. They told you, you didn’t have “the eye” for it. When you were young, they said, “Better stick to writing/basketball/math” or

Minecraft Can Be Good for Your Kid’s Drawing Skills

Many of the kids I work with are taking drawing lessons because their parents are hoping to get them into activities that limit their screen time after school. Drawing is tactile; it takes construction skills – even though we are working in two dimensions on the page, it is still