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Tag: kids drawing

Student In the Spotlight: Avery

This is my favorite new section of my blog to write, as I have great student results to share with you over the years I have been teaching private lessons. Each Student in the Spotlight post will detail a student’s learning and results in the studio with me. Let’s start

Minecraft Can Be Good for Your Kid’s Drawing Skills

Many of the kids I work with are taking drawing lessons because their parents are hoping to get them into activities that limit their screen time after school. Drawing is tactile; it takes construction skills – even though we are working in two dimensions on the page, it is still

Can your kid draw on demand? Why, yes!

One of the things I explain to the parents of children who are taking drawing lessons is that it might take time for their children to integrate what I am teaching them into their own free drawing time. Generally, my rule of thumb is that kids under 10 years old

“Nicer than nice!”

After my summer two week hiatus, I’m back in the studio today. I had some lessons with regular clients, and then had an hour session with two 5 year old cutie-pies who are just meeting with me 1 hour a day for this week, for a mini drawing “camp”. The