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Tag: mindfulness

Small Victories: Drawing to Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries

I am very honored to announce my partnership with Small Victories, in offering drawing lessons for students who are recovering and adapting to traumatic brain injuries. Cindy Wright, the Vice President of Small Victories contacted me a few months ago, to invite me to participate. Cindy’s personal story is profound,

Enough with the digital photographs, try drawing!

I often explain to my students that drawing became a less common skill because of the invention of the photograph. In fact when you look at the broad history of art, many of our wackiest art movements began after the invention of photography because it freed artists up to stop

Increased Neural Matter? Yes, please!

I often tell my private lesson students that learning to draw exercises parts of the brain that are sometimes less developed in our culture, but that are helpful for both kids in school and adults in the workplace. Science is starting to show proof of this, which I find to