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Line Quality: Blurred Line

Line Quality: Blurred Line

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In this video, I discuss one of the most used types of mark making or line qualities: the blurred line. The blurred line can be used in a drawing to show many different subject matters, contexts and emotions: softness, motion, speed, memory, sorrow, fog, mood, vagueness, transformation, shadow, ghostliness, changes over time or a sense of time, history, death, and the ephemeral. It is great to use for subjects like clouds, mist, soft textures and movement. This one is so popular, you’ll see it in a lot of artwork, but I think it is really important to use it sparingly or intentionally when it enhances your subject matter or meaning in a drawing. That being said, it is super fun to play with- so I hope you experiment and try it out in your drawings!

The 2 instagram artists I share in this video are listed below, I hope you go follow their beautiful creations on Instagram:

Daniel Segrove and April Coppini