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Review: Caran D’ache Graphwood Pencils

Review: Caran D’ache Graphwood Pencils

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New Tool Discovery: Caran D’Ache Graphwood Pencils

I have coveted Caran D’Ache Graphwood pencils for a few years, after trying their super creamy smooth colored pencils. I decided to splurge on them to see if they were as good as I’d hoped. These pencils ARE beautiful – the paint on the pencil changes value with the hardness level of the pencil lead. This is SO helpful in identifying what hardness of pencil you are grabbing when you’re deep into a work flow. They are creamier than other pencils. But they are super pricey AND they are larger in diameter than the standard pencil, so they won’t fit in all of your pencil sharpeners

So are they worth THREE TIMES the amount of other pencils? Find out in this review, and find out where you can buy them.