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Review: Tombow Mono Zero Round 2.3mm Eraser

Review: Tombow Mono Zero Round 2.3mm Eraser

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Review: Tombow Mono Zero ROUND 2/3mm Eraser.


This is my new favorite drawing tool! I think you’ll really benefit from adding it to your tool kit. Make sure when you order it online, you don’t confuse it with the Tombow Mono Zero SQUARE eraser! I also really love the Factis Eraser Stick (formerly known as the Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick) and you can read more about this one here.

NOTE: I’ve discovered that this eraser is difficult for younger kids (ages 5-10 years) to use. They press really hard and break the tip off, and it gets used up VERY quickly because the eraser is so short. Also, if you don’t advance the eraser enough, the metal holder of the eraser will scratch your paper, making shading smoothly on top of the scratches difficult to achieve. It is great for those with a delicate touch- but if you need heavier erasing, buy the Tombow Mono Zero Square Eraser, or if you can still find it, the discontinued Tuff Stuff Eraser is still fantastic for small details.