Stretches & Exercises for the Artist’s Posture

by | Apr 25, 2022

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Because you all know that drawing all day can break your body, one of my most popular videos is Posture for the Artist, Part 2: How I Sit While Drawing


This video is complementary to my proper posture sitting practice. I need to stretch and exercise different muscle groups in order to not be in pain from sitting at my drawings all day. This also relates to computer or drawing tablet work, as well! When I combine the right posture with these stretches and exercises, I am in better shape and significantly LESS PAIN- the main goal! This allows me to keep drawing, day in and day out! Links below to all the stuff you’d need to do these stretches and exercises!


Exercise Bands:

Over Door Hook:

Foam Roller:

Inexpensive Yoga Mat:

High Quality Yoga Mat by Manduka (my fave):


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